About Jay Cali 

"The name Jay Cali was given to me by a friend in 2008 who recognized that my first, middle and last name each began with J and I love where I come from. Wherever I go, Cali and most importantly South Central, comes with me." 

Jacqueline Jackson, oftentimes known as “Jay Cali,” is a native of South Central Los Angeles,  and current doctoral student studying Communication, Culture & Media Studies. From Fall 2014 to Fall 2018 she was a tenured educator in the South Bronx, NY. She has held multiple positions at her high school including curriculum developer, grade team leader and Expanded Success Initiative liaison. Each position provided an opportunity for her to focus on developing a culturally relevant environment. She received a BA in communication from UC San Diego and is an alumnus of the University of Southern California’s master’s program in strategic public relations, where her research involved cause marketing and entertainment communication. While in attendance at USC she also recieved a graduate certificate in business fundamentals from the USC Marshall School of Business. 


In 2014, Jacqueline became part of Teach for America, which is when her passion for communication and desire to educate merged. In the same year, she developed JayCaliPR, a communication firm focused on developing marketing campaigns that target youth of color living in the inner city. From spending years as a communication practitioner, Jacqueline noticed a gap in how the media communicated the values of community, business and education to underrepresented minorities. Her focus shifted towards creating curriculums that helped to build media literacy, historical knowledge and access to empowering content for youth in her classroom. In doing so, her desire to produce her own media was reignited and she’s currently working on campaigns for Black History Month, gun violence and the importance of obtaining an education.  


Jacqueline is a writer, educator and advocate currently focused on using her experiences as an educator and resident of the inner-city to help produce strategic campaigns for youth from communities that mirror her own. Her background, life experiences and perception of the media and the world today acted as a “wake up” call that today’s youth’s perception of self and their ideologies surrounding prospects are harming their future. She works to encourage the youth of today to achieve more than what the media deems their worth.