BlackTwitter & #NiggerNavy

Since the election of Donald J. Trump the past few weeks have seemed like a nightmare. Part was spent celebrating the holidays, while the other, trying to avoid the realness of the fact that the incoming president not only lacks experience but could possibly undo so much work that has been accomplished in the past for the progression of the poor and marginalized in America.

Despite all of this, Twitter has been at the center of the discussion of the new incoming presidency. President-elect Trump has responded to issues of foreign relations, boasted his opinion and retweeted his admirers consistently pre and post election. Tonight, his name was linked with @YahooFinance, as I’m assuming an intern (couldn’t of been anyone else right?) tweeted the following:

Now, let’s be clear.. I tried to “accidentally type” the n-word and my iPhone corrected me. Yet, Yahoo Finance dismissed the tweet by calling it a spelling error and moved on to cover apparently, more pressing news of the evening.

Now, you know us, we ain’t letting them off the hook that quick. While I was suppose to be lesson planning for the upcoming week, the hashtag #NiggerNavy began to overflow on my timeline. Within minutes there were thousands of tweets and as I scrolled through Black Twitters responses to #NiggerNavy, I must admit, I was entertained.

Some of the tweets presented concern for the use of the hashtag while others inserted a multitude of cultural stereotypes, current jargon and readily used memes for laughter. The term “nigger” has an undeniable history associated with it that evokes a level of fear and disdain which is indescribable but the hashtags viral spread across social media is a reminder that there are many who may understand the pain but still take advantage of opportunities to appropriate it and provide comedic relief during a unhumorous inauguration year. In reviewing many of the tweets I understood the level of concern but more importantly as I watch the creativity of Black Twitter explode I felt light in heavy times.

As I watched CNN yesterday there was an ongoing discussion about Talladega College and the marching band participating in Trump’s inauguration. While watching Black Twitter tonight and its appropriation of #NiggerNavy with culturally relevant experiences I couldn’t help but think about the upcoming four years and the difficulty of fighting for your people, your personal goals and your country at the same time.

Is there a formula for how to do this, absolutely not. Will people wake up tomorrow embarrassed, hurt and confused about the rise of #NiggerNavy, sure. No matter what, it cannot be denied that when we are insulted or doubted we will find a way to rise and come for you.

@YahooFinance I expect a statement when I wakeup in the morning. #GetYourLife


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