"The Talk" All Black Women Have is Captured in New Video

Just because we live in 2017 doesn't mean the effects of racism have ended. Everyday Black women across the nation are educating their young children on what it means to be Black in America and the best ways to navigate the continued forms of racism that affects us.

A new commercial released by My Black is Beautiful via YouTube captures many of those moments. The video, which is only two minutes long, features many mothers speaking to their young children about the various scenarios in which they'd be confronted with as they grow older.

These scenarios include:

1. Learning to Drive - One of the rights of passage as a teenager is being able to drive. All over the nation, youth between the ages of 15-18 take their first driving lessons and study for their exam but for youth of color the experience also comes with a conversation about how to interact with police safely.

2.) Beauty - As Black women, our beauty is constantly policed and ridiculed while at the same time appropriated by white culture. Our hair, physical features and skin color can be topics of discussion on the school yard and in boardrooms.

3.) The "N-Word" - Despite whether or not you agree on its current usage in pop culture it is a fact that today all races use it. One scene of the commercial focuses on the discussion of what to do when someone white usues it against you or in your presence.

There are more "talk" conversations in the short video. Check em out below:

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