Nipsey Hu$$le #TheMarathonContinues

I will never write enough to explain the meaning of @nipseyhussle to me or our city. What I can say, is that he helped to provide a visual representation of what my heart looks like. Anyone who knows me, knows that I’ve always placed South Central at the heart of what I do. At times to my own detriment but like @nipseyhussle knew and we all know, life is a process. For 10 years @nipseyhussle kept me motivated at @UCSD and @USC. As his consciousness grew, so did mine. I wouldn’t have made it without @nipseyhussle. Now the world knows why.

In the next few months thousands of people will have on @marathonclothing and millions will be introduced to @nipseyhussle, #Crenshaw, #AllMoneyIn and #TMC, #TheMarathonContinues . For some of us, this has ALWAYS been a movement. Everyday, every breath and every step we rep #Crenshaw and #SouthCentral not the new gentrified #SouthLA.

So as @nipseyhussle would say, “I would like to welcome all the new marathon members” and I hope that as you explore his music, interviews and all the stories on him and his legacy you call him revolutionary, you celebrate his love for the hood and you correct anyone who denies him humanity.

For all the new #TMC #TheMarathonClothing wearers excuse some of us, we might be a little skeptical. For 10 years we’ve been able to look at people with #Crenshaw hoodies / shirts / hats and KNOW they knew our hero. They knew our champion, they knew he was radically brilliant, and they supported his cause.

I, as a native of #SouthCentral, can only hope that everyone #NewToDis becomes #TrueToThis stays 10 toes down, grindin’, never settlin’ and uses their existence in the physical to dismantle the power structures that continue to oppress us.

#RestInPower #NipseyHussle










#nipsey #nipseyhussle #tmc #themarathoncontinues #Crenshaw

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